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When you refer an organization that partners with you will receive 12% for every  membership payment that comes through their site every year that they are a member.  Sign them up with your JV Link and you will raise money through your connections and build huge residual income.

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Affiliate Commissions

See how much you can make every single month with just a little bit of effort.  Share your link with every business that you come in contact with and help them set up their Birthday Club while you earn a very nice income.


    Build up an ongoing monthly revenue by getting paid

    12% of all your sales every month

    Non Profit

    100 Members Per Month

    $59 Per Member

    Affiliate Commission


  • Month 1

    Monthly Sales and Income

    Total Non Profits


    Monthly Income


  • Month 3

    Monthly Sales and Income

    Total Non Profits


    Monthly Income


  • Month 6

    Monthly Sales and Income

    Total Non Profits


    Monthly Income


  • Month 12

    Monthly Sales and Income

    Total Non Profits


    Monthly Income

    $16,992 Affiliate Benefits

Benefits Of Being An Affiliate Of

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  • Create A Substantial Recurring Revenue 

    As you can see from the example above, you can make a large amount of money helping your non profits raise money.

  • Make A Huge Impact For Your Non Profits is a unique, powerful program that will help your non profits raise substantial dollars to support their wonderful causes.

  • No Administration

    Your job is to partner non profit organizations and and help them be successful.  We do all the administration.

  • You Can Fund Raise Nationally covers over 99% of the US population so you can help organizations all over the country raise funds.

  • No Collecting Of Cash Or Checks

    You do not need to worry about collecting cash or checks.  Members join online through Paypal or cc and MonkeyDough administers all the money.

  • Provide Huge Value

    You will be proud to work with as we provide huge value to your non profits, the members, and to our affiliate partners.